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dreams." Bronwyn sighed. "It may not work, Laurel. She has killed with the power of the Goddess. She won't have www xnxx com the power to complete the spell with us." "I did not kill him." Jacqui snarled. "I Transformed him. See for yourself." One of the Sisters, a woman Jacqui recognized as her high school vice principal, ran over to where Lancaster had fallen under Jacqui's onslaught. She made a cry of wonder and returned, carrying a newborn baby in her arms. "The child is female, High Priestess." Thea said in hushed awe. "She can't wield the Dark One's power, and she can be raised again, this vidio xnxx xnxx download time without the Dark Power's taint. I don't have the control Mother had. I could not focus the spell on just him. So, I porno xnxx attacked any "Y" chromosome I touched with my spell. I don't know xnxx hindi what the range videos xnxx of xnxx. com the enchantment was, but whatever it is, there is not a male creature inside of that perimeter." Jacqui whispered, still trying to focus her power to pierce her Mother's defenses. Bronwyn nodded and knelt down beside Mother and daughter. She rested a hand on each of them. "Then what your Mother said is true, Jacqui. Her spell dies with her. Given what I have just witnessed, your power is now so great, that with all of us acting together, we could reverse your mother's spell together." she paused, her voice catching, "once your xnxx download Mother crosses over, but you will leave here as vina garut xnxx Jack once more." That was what she wanted, wasn't it? "But gay xnxx what about Mum? What about..." She choked back a sob. "What about my baby?" Tears flowed down Jacqui's cheeks, cutting tracks xnxx 2019 in the xnxx india sooty aftermath of Lancaster's magical attack. "Your mother wants you to have your dream." Bronwyn said gently. "She will resist https // healing if it costs you your dream. We can do nothing for her without her help. We do not have the power to overcome the greatest healer of our age. As for your child, he is the product of your site xnxx lover's sperm and your Transformed egg. Two sperm cannot make a child, Jacqui, and that is precisely what they will become once xnxx japanese you Transform back. Your baby will simply revert into two separate sperm cells. One which came from the father, and one which used to be xnxx bokep your egg. Now come, the time is short. The optimal xnxx asia time for the spell is just as your Mother's spell is broken." Jacqui knew that was a euphemism for "just as your Mother dies." Jacqui bent over her xnnn mother, xnxx indonesia crying on her shoulder. xnxx mom "Do it, Jack." Laurie's sunny leone xnxx voice was only a weak, thready whisper as she called him by a name he had xnx xnxn not heard on her lips in over a year and a half. The end had xnxx download to be near. "Take this chance to be your dream again. Let the last sight xnxx porn I see in this life be the power of the Goddess encircling you. Let me pass over knowing that the wrong I committed against you will be corrected in that xnxx hd next instant." Bronwyn took Jacqui's hand. "One more thing you must know. A man cannot wield the power of the Goddess, Jacqueline. When you do this, you do so understanding that you will lose your powers forever. The Gift of the Goddess is given only once. I will still love you and watch xnxx jepang over you, but you will be as you were before - xnxx india a normal human man." Jacqui did not really have time to xnxx video consider what to do. It was all happening so fast, and everyone was doing their part to help her return to "normal". She watched as the combined power of the Sisterhood began to light the room above each of the surviving sisters. www.xnxx Their individual lights then merged, and continued to grow until their power became a visible, living thing enfolding the group circled about Laurie's body on the floor. Finally, the light seemed to move from the group, to coalesce into a shimmering halo above and about the High Priestess xnxx japan and Jacqueline. Jacqui reeled momentarily as she fought to contain xnxx cina and control the power given her by the other Sisters. "You must say the incantation, Jacqueline. You must complete the rite japanese xnxx to change yourself back. I give you the power of your Sisters. I give you my power. Make it one with yours and Make your dreams come true." Once again, Jacqui murmured words of power, and xnxx vina garut sang a song of love. The power seemed to sex videos implode into her, filling her soul, where it resided for long eternities encompassing infinitesimal fractions tamil xnxx of a second. The incredible totality of the merged power threatened to explode from her, flying out xnxx mom uncontrolled, in all directions, but Jacqui fought against that explosion, fought to bend the seething light to her will. Fought, and won. xnxx/ With the last vestige of her mental strength, she completed the incantation and focused the combined power of the Sisterhood. And the world went black. A Change of Direction Epilogue "... wake up. Come on now, darling, you must xnxx indonesia wake up." Mum was yelling again, Jacqui thought muzzily. Must have overslept again. Sleep started to unravel and. . . MUM!??! Eyes shot open. "MUM, you're alive!" She blinked her eyes rapidly, trying to make them clear. Her Mother was xnxx india still standing there above her. "Aren't you? This isn't a dream or heaven, is it?" "I am alive, darling, and you are xxx still my daughter. You took the gift of the Goddess, the power that could have given you back your dreams, and you used it to shatter my resistance to the healing magic, and then, to give me life." Her Mother gave a huffy sniff of mock disapproval. "In spite of my decision to keep you from wasting the power on me." "Dreams change, mum, and my dreams have changed. Besides, there was no choice. You matter much more to me than a penis. The comparison is laughable." Jacqui tried to get up so she www xnxx could enfold her Mother in a hug, but weakness dragged her back down. "None of that, Miss. You need rest to regain your xnxx jepang strength. Bronwyn is incredulous over what you did tonight." She grinned that wonderful, impish grin of hers. So beloved, Jacqui thought. "Do you know that when you attacked xnxx desi Lancaster, you also Transformed every known member of the Brotherhood at the same time?" Jacqui xnxx stories shook her head, surprised at that. nxxn "Yes indeed. Now almost every Sister has a newborn daughter to raise. Quite a change for all of us, let me tell you. We have centuries of experience with boy babies, but absolutely none with girl babies. Bronwyn took Lancaster, and has named her Lani. She thinks he, or rather, she thinks Lani has the potential to be a Priestess, with a lot of love and the right training and upbringing." "What happens if they learn the Transformation Spell?" Jacqui asked. xnxx .com "If you are worried about a resurgence of that faction of the Brotherhood, don't be. You did your job very well. They were all newborns. We just did the Birth Rites on them. None of them will ever wield the Dark Power again." "You know what is really strange, Mum? Lancaster wanted to breach the rift between the Brotherhood mom xnxx and the Sisterhood, to remarry the Power of Darkness with the Power of the Light, and now he will. Only instead of his son doing it as xnnn a member of the Brotherhood, xvideo *she* will do xnxx. it as a sex xnxx member of the xnxx porno Sisterhood." She stopped and gathered her courage. "I wanted to video xnxx kill him, Momma, but at the last instant, you stopped me. What I did was all I could think of doing to prevent him from using that awful power again." Laurie soothed with a gentle physical and videos xnxx magical touch. free porn "Hush. You did just fine. What is really amazing is that in xnxx jav all the centuries of strife between our two factions, we of the Sisterhood xvideos never considered xnxx stories using the Transformation Spell that way. We always saw it as a gift. I guess it took someone who did not see it quite that way to find its potential as a weapon." Laurie checked her daughter's forehead and found it cool. "Now, how are you feeling?" "I'm fine, porn Mum. xnxx tamil A gay xnxx little tired, but otherwise really fine." A hand went protectively to her stomach tamil xnxx and her healer's touch sought the baby sleeping there. Her child was xnnx all right, but different than before, she was surprised to note. A grin lit her face. "My baby xxx is fine, too. And *she* won't have to be Transformed. There will be one more girl baby for the Sisterhood to raise." "You think you are having a daughter? Darling, I told xnxx 2019 you - our family doesn't have daughters." Jacqui's brows lifted in mute challenge and Laurie blushed. "Well, our children don't start out as daughters. Our eggs sex videos reject sperm that carry X chromosomes." "This one started out as a male, too, Mom. But as I told Bronwyn, every male creature within the range of my spell was Transformed. Including Junior." she laughed patting her still flat tummy. "In the end, I did exactly what xnxx sex videos I told you I would not do. I Transformed my son." Both women shared a chuckle at that irony, then Laurie became serious again. "You know, dear. You will still be able to go back to being a male. You are still on track xnxx hot to learn the Control of the Transformation Spell. You can use it on yourself as those other men in porno the records did. The part of my original spell that imposed the prohibition against you using the www xnxx Transformation on yourself still stands since you saved me. However, I would say you will have ample power for the job once you have satisfied all the experience requirements." "And let someone else raise my kid?" Jacqui's look was mutinous and her tones were indignant. "Not bloody likely. We are talking the first xnx female point guard in the NBA here. She is going to need the proper example. Besides. Marcus is her father. Since she is going to be a girl all her life, we can share her with her paternal grandparents. It might make his zoo xnxx passing easier on them." Laurie raised an eyebrow in challenge. "Are sex video those your only reasons, Missy?" Jacqui simply grinned. "And I would not give up the love and loving of the Sisterhood for anything, Mom." Jacqui pulled her xnxx japanese Mother down into the bed beside her for a quick kiss and hug. "Thank you, Mom." she whispered into Laurie's ear. "Thank you for loving me that much." Another xnxx sex video thought struck Jacqui. "Um, Mom?" "What, love?" Laurie murmured against xnxx gay Jacqui's mouth. "You *are* going to be my birthing coach, aren't you? I mean, that isn't something a guy should have to face without his mom there to hold his hand. Even if the guy is a girl, now." And Laurie burst into laughing, happy tears, and wwwxnxx was soon joined by her daughter. Date: 19 video porno Jul 99 10:46:23 From: Dan Subject: daniel and xnxx 2019 JD / awakenings This takes place right after Daniel and JD / Physical Therapy Daniel and JD / Awakening By D.L. Two weeks xnxx hd before school started back up, Daniel got desi xnxx his casts removed. The doctor recommended physical therapy and stretching exorcises, but believed that with some work that Daniel might be able to xnxx arab compete with the swim team for his senior year. Nearly every day followed the same routine, with school getting out at 2:30pm, therapy until 5:00pm, and swimming to build up his strength until nearly 9:00pm. After a little more than a month, JD began to time Daniel's laps again, amazed at how fast he had improved. He watched Daniel now from xnxx com the tiled deck at the side of the pool, wearing his suit and a tank top, light brown hair now cut short xxx video for the xnxn swimming season. His green eyes scanned Daniel's performance for flaws, always watching for ways to improve. As Daniel touched xnxx cina the marker after xxx xnxx completing his final lap, JD clicked the stopwatch and grinned. "You did it, Asshole! You beat my time for last year." JD stood up and pulled Daniel out video xnxx of the water. "I'm glad I'm on the diving team, or I wouldn't have a chance." He threw a towel around his friend as they walked towards the shower room. "I wwwxnxx don't even want to talk water for a couple of days, dude. You're harder than that physical terrorist I just got rid of." Daniel dried his face and looked over at the watch. "Shit, yeah! I can take that!" "I told you." JD hung xnxx selingkuh the xnxx. watch over his neck and went to his locker. "I didn't get wet, so I'll meet you at xxnx the blazer." Daniel nodded and walked away dripping. JD looked down at Daniel's legs and laughed quietly. One xxnx was tanned www.xnxx and the other was still pale white. He shook porn his head and began to change into his clothes. He waited in the truck, listening to Def Leppard. Before long Daniel came xxnn out of the building, limping very slightly still, and climbed into the xnxx japanese truck. "Mom and Dad are taking Marc back xnxx video to the university tonight, and aren't coming home until xxn Sunday," The tall blond threw his duffel xnxx indo into the back seat. "You wanna stay over? There's all kinds of stuff on HBO, or we can grab some movies." "I'll call home from your place. I know my parents won't care." He pulled the truck out and indo xnxx moved into traffic. "They think your the saint that talked me into cutting my hair, remember?" xnxxx He smiled a wolfish grin. Daniel laughed. "Oh, yeah. I don't do anything wrong, do I?" "They think that you single handedly keep me on the straight and narrow, man. I'd be lost in hell if you were gone." vina garut xnxx "Jesus you're a ham." Daniel xnxx barat punched JD's arm. "Drop me off, then go get whatever you need. The family that I'm forced to live with has apparently already left." They pulled up in front of vidio xnxx Daniel's house to find the garage door closed and the car gone. Daniel stepped out of the blazer and turned to grab his bag. "I'll be right back, dude. Call and bag some pizza." "I xnxx porn thought I was the one that got the workout, dickhead. How come I have to cook?" xnxx Daniel closed the door and stepped back to the curb. "I'll buy, you poor little thing." JD pouted his lips and mocked. "I just indian xnxx don't have a cell phone with me." "Hurry up and get back, asshole, xnxx desi or I won't let you have any." He hit the side of the truck lightly and turned to the house, waving as JD honked the horn. The video porno early September days were xnxx .com still warm, but the evenings xxnn had cooled considerably. Daniel let the cat in, then turned off the swamp cooler. A note on the counter from his mother told him to make sure the cat was in, causing him to smirk, and let him know there was spending money on his dresser. He called for pizza, then went to his room to xnxx bokep change. JD found him sprawled in the recliner in the family room. He'd met sex xnxx the delivery guy on the way in, and carried a box to the coffee table. They watched a movie and dispatched the pizza. "Stacy Randall was looking for you again today." JD said desi xnxx around a mouth full. "She said she wanted to go out xnxx anime again." Daniel waved his hand, dismissing the idea. Two weeks ago he'd taken Stacey out, and was miserable the whole time. He was absolutely xnxx korea certain that she would have done anything with him, and strangely, it hadn't interested him. It now worried him, although he hadn't discussed it with JD yet, because he thought that might be the problem. "She's prime real-estate, dude. Aren't mom xnxx you gonna flaunt her around school a little?" Daniel looked at his friend then back to the TV, mumbling to himself. "What?" JD asked, catching onto the sudden tension tamil xnxx in the air. Daniel sighed, then turned the TV off. He got up and turned the radio on to the old 80's rock station, then settled back in the chair. "It didn't go well." He said at japan xnxx last, setting the pizza box on the floor so he could put his feet up. "We went out, I got pawed over, and she had a great time. I don't want to do it again." JD cocked his head japanese xnxx to the side, thinking a moment before speaking. "What happened, Danny?" He asked, seriously. He watched as Daniel rubbed his face with his hands, and for a second, he thought the other might start to cry. "Holy shit, Dan, what happened?" "I wasn't interested." Daniel stated in a shaky voice. "We were holding hands at the movie, she kissed me, and..." He covered his face with his hand and sat quietly, not knowing what to xxnxx say. JD moved to the side of the chair and knelt down, indian xnxx pulling the hand away. "What happened?" he asked more quietly. He was surprised when the hand took his. He met Daniel's conflicted gaze, and saw pain there, deep pain. "Aw, xnxx hd Danny," He said, placing his free hand on the other's cheek. The tears started, followed by silent sobs. He embraced Daniel, his best friend of many years, and let him cry on his chest. "I wanted it to happen so bad!" Daniel choked out, trying to stop the xnxx/ torrent of emotions. "I wanted to be attracted to her, to think about xnxx com/ her naked, and I couldn't." He accepted a napkin from JD and scrubbed fiercely at his eyes. "You asshole! All I site xnxx could see was you xnxx com/ lying beside me www xnxx com on the xnxx arab blanket at Dester's Landing." He shoved JD back and fell into the chair. "I hated you for that, man. I really did. I don't want to xnxx korea be gay." "God, Daniel. I am so sorry." JD whispered his face ashen. "Shut up, dickhead. If I still felt that sunny leone xnxx way, would we have been friends for the xxnxx last month and a half?" Daniel glared at him through bloodshot eyes. xxxx "I don't know what to do." He sniffed loudly. "Maybe I should go." Went to stand up, and was xnxx sex videos caught by the wrist. He looked back into Daniel's eyes and swallowed hard. "I want you to stay. Please." Daniel stood up and moved towards him. "I want xxnn to try xnnn something, so I can figure out my head, okay?" JD nodded, sex not daring to speak, and felt Daniel's hands on both sides of his face. Daniel kissed porn videos him, tentatively at first, them much more deeply. He put his arms around xnxx telugu xnxx/ the tall blond, and they embraced. "That's what xnxx. com I thought." Daniel said when they parted, but not dropping xnxx their xxx xnxx arms. "What, Dan?" "All that shit about 'it's just sex' was just shit, wasn't it?" JD hesitated, then nodded, remaining silent. "I'd kill you in a second, but I don't think I'd make it by myself right now, ya know?" Daniel asked, xxx xnxx smiling weakly. "Can we maybe just keep this to ourselves? I think I'd have people lining up to kill me." They laughed nervously, and Daniel laid his head on JD's shoulder. "This is messed up, JD. I am not supposed to fall in love with you." He lifted his head and looked into the other's face. "I am not gay." "That's what I told you.." JD offered. Daniel sighed, then after a moment kissed him again. xnxx app Soon, he xnxx cina could feel Daniel's tongue touching his, and xnxx teen a shiver went through him as he felt a hand go up his back under his shirt. He tugged Daniel's xnxx indonesia shirt off, taking a second desi xnxx to admire the smooth curves of his xnxx selingkuh muscles, then snapped open his fly. Daniel stopped him, then undressed JD entirely before www xnxx pushing him to the couch. He slowly slid his pants and briefs off, then moved xnxx indo nearer. He closed his eyes and sighed as he felt JD caress his genitals, instantly springing erect. JD cupped his balls, and took him in his mouth, making his legs weak. He could feel the fire burning in his stomach, and xnxx tv he pulled away, wanting this to xnxxcom last longer than just a few minutes. He laid down on the floor xvideo and pulled JD to him, kissing and running his xnx hands all over. sex Still wanting to be bold, he began to masturbate the other, amazed at the thrill he got from doing it. "Oh sex video Jesus, Danny. If you had any idea how long xxx videos I wanted you to do that." JD moaned. then xnxx videos https // kissed xnxx hot him again. JD's own stomach muscles xnxx gay tensed, and he felt himself getting close. He stopped Daniel's hand and pushed him back. He pulled his overnight bag over and removed a bottle of oil, and began to rub it on the other's rock hard member. "Try this." He said standing up. He pulled Daniel up, then turned to the recliner and leaned over to touch the armrest, spreading his legs. xxn Daniel moved behind him and entered his ass, free porn gently moving forward until he was in. He wrapped his arms around JD's chest, then slowly began to pump. Daniel Pulled JD up almost standing, then reached around and wrapped his hand video porno around JD's cock and began to move slowly in synch with himself. They said nothing, just gently rocking, as the power built zoo xnxx up in both of them. Daniel couldn't help himself as he quickened the pace. With some dexterity, JD stayed xxx videos in the rhythm. He felt his stomach tighten, realizing that he couldn't stop it this time. Daniel huffed in his ear in short breaths and tensed, then rammed xnxx movies all they way up shuddering and pumping hard. He felt wave after bokep xnxx wave of orgasm from Daniel, and the roughness of the other cumming sent xnxx vina garut him into oblivion. JD shot enormous xnxxcom spurts all over their porno clothes, needing xnxx japan to be sex supported by Daniel. He felt like he was to weak to stand, and one of Daniel's cord like arms held him standing while the other pumped him dry. Daniel finally slowed his own motions and pulled out, falling with JD in a heap on the floor. Sweaty and exhausted, they cradled each other and breathed deeply, slowing hearts down. Daniel laid back finally, feeling that fantastic floating sensation again, xnxx sex absentmindedly running his finger tips over JD's chest. JD moved to lay flat, placing his head on Daniel's hip. xnxx korea "That was intense." Daniel almost whispered. "I think we're gonna need another pizza. I'm starved." Outside, they could hear the faint rumble of thunder. JD pulled himself up and held out his hand. porn xnxx "Come on," He said, "Let's go see the lightening." He pulled Daniel up and walked towards the hallway. "JD," Daniel folded his arms and tilted his head to the side. "This may not have occurred to you, but we're naked." "So?" "So, most people, especially two guys, usually don't go outside waving their dicks in the wind." JD leaned on the doorframe, flashing his wolf grin. "First off, its dark. Second, you're backyard is totally surrounded by an eight foot hedge, and third, the patio is enclosed on three sides by the house." zoo xnxx He walked back to the center of the room and xxx video put his arm around Daniel, leading him to the hall. "You need to loosen up, porno xnxx man. Live a little. Don't japanese xnxx you think it might be just the slightest bit cool to cruise the house and the backyard in your birthday suit?" site xnxx A goofy xnxx asia grin came over Daniel's face. "Yeah, I guess so." They moved into the kitchen for sodas and chips before going out onto the patio. "Do you do this at home?" He asked, settling in to one of the lounge chairs. The cool moist air felt fantastic, and he had to admit that it was exhilarating. "Sometimes, when everyone is gone." JD answered, tearing open the chips. "It's like I tried to tell you, Daniel, I don't porn find many other guys attractive, just you." He sipped from the coke and then glanced over at Daniel. "I don't know why, and I never went out of the way to find out how you felt, xnxxx because that would have torpedoed us porn videos as friends, and I'd never want that to happen." Daniel digested that and worked on his Coke for a few seconds. "What does it feel like to.. you know,....." At a loss for words, xnxx sex he looked away, embarrassed. "How does what feel?" "When I'm inside you, what does it feel like?" JD sat his Coke xnxx com/ down and turned to face Daniel. "Do you remember xnxx gay the feeling that went through you when I put my finger up there?" Daniel nodded, and he continued. "The first time is painful, but the feeling comes from the prostate gland that all guys have. I don't know the details, but it felt as good for me as it did xnxx app for you. Didn't you notice how fast I came?" Daniel blushed and xnxxcom nodded. "How did you learn all this stuff anyway? I never even thought about it until know." He looked into JD's eyes, curious, yet embarrassed by vidio xnxx the conversation. He wanted to know more, video xnxx but he couldn't get past xnxx movies the feeling that he was being decadent, and it was distracting. "Remember that summer I went to camp, and you went with the fam to California?" JD leaned back bokep xnxx in the chair xnnx and looked up at the clouds, gazing into the distance, and the past. "There were a lot of xnxx telugu questions in my mind, and lets just say I found some answers." They were silent for a while, each with their own thoughts, when Daniel felt the rain start. He was almost excited by the xnxx com feel of the drops hitting his naked xnxx. com skin, and he grinned at JD. Without a word they stood up, and Daniel put his arm around JD. They walked out on to the grass as the downpour started, and ran through the yard, xnxx teen laughing. When the xnxx porn lightening hit over head, nearly deafening them, they ran into the house, still laughing, to search for towels. The power went out, and Daniel found some of his mother's xvideos candles for the family room. The found some blankets to spread on the floor, and curled up together, enjoying the mood and the xnxx anime storm. They talked swimming and cars, their two porn xnxx favorite subjects, xnxx tamil then lapsed into companionable silence. JD Laid behind Daniel and propped himself up on one arm. In the golden nxxn glow xxxx of the candles, Daniel's magnificent physique was accentuated by the xnxx sex video shadows. xnxx jav He ran xnxx vina garut his fingers indo xnxx around each muscle, and gently across each nipple, enjoying the quiver of Daniel's flawless skin, and all of the little blond hairs rising in goose pimples. Daniel groaned and rolled onto his stomach, placing his outstretched hands above his head. He moved under the touch of JD's fingers like a cat, thoroughly immersed in the sensations. He felt JD's hands on his legs and slowly spread them, xnxx telugu inviting the other to play. JD smiled and understood. He got his bottle of lube and began to apply it all over Daniel's ass, massaging it in and ever so carefully working it into the sphincter. Daniel jumped a couple of times, but remained still, almost xnxx hindi shaking with anticipation. JD moved one finger into Daniel, earning a groan, then started slow back xnxx indian and fourth motions, waiting xnxx barat for the xnxx porno muscles to relax. Each time they did, he inserted another finger xnxx until he xnxx indian had xnxx videos three in. Daniel could feel the sensations in he stomach, and he laid there calmly, enjoying something that he had thought was the most disgusting thing on xnxx tv earth. He would never have tried this, and it amazed him that he'd almost missed it. He japan xnxx felt JD pull out his fingers and porn xnxx tensed a little, afraid. But just xnxx app as quickly, he knew JD would never hurt him, and that all he had to do was ask him to stop, and he would. He heard JD move, and felt the slightest touch of his penis at his ass. "Just relax, Danny. I swear bokep xnxx sex xnxx I won't hurt you." With that h